Tokyo Marui is going to release AK White Storm on December 10. “AK Storm” is now available in a stylish white color. The features of the item are as follows.

  • Equipped with a rear sight rail for mounting a lightweight optical sight.
  • Special mount for Micro Pro Sight (separately sold) is attached.
  • Variety of optional parts are included such as hand stop, M-lock rail and M-lock rail cover.
  • Comes with a “Magazine Adapter” that allows the use of standard AK47 electric gun magazines.
  • Large type selector for easier handling.
  • Tactical Magwell for quick magazine changes.
  • Non-slip “Cerated Grip”.
  • “Transform Stock” with two different shapes to choose from
  • Die-cast aluminum frame
  • Various muzzle options (14mm reverse screw) can be attached
  • Recoil shock by the “Shoot & Recoil” mechanism
  • Equipped with a “bolt release mechanism” that releases the auto-stop by cocking the bolt
  • Mini S battery mounted on top of the handguard
  • Magazine with auto-stop cancel switch for empty shooting (90 rounds) (can be used for the AK47 series next-generation electric guns)

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