Tokyo Marui Air Revolver Pro No1 SAA45 Artillery 5 1/2 inch Black is available

  • Realistic, high-performance, high-rigidity air revolver “PRO” is now available.
  • Faithfully reproduce the 2nd generation model with an air cocking revolver.
  • Internal frame using metal parts for rigidity and eliminating distortion during hammer cock and improving weight at the same time.
  • Realistic half cock & loading gate.
  • Cartridge can be ejected realistically with the ejector rod.
  • Equipped with manual safety.
  • The new mechanism “45 LONG COLT Cartridge” is composed of multiple parts including the die-cast cart inner for stable hit accuracy and the realistic appearance.
  • BB bullets from 0.12g to 0.20g can be used.
  • Spare cartridges are also available.

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