Tokyo Marui releases New Gen MP5A5 on August 18.

Tokyo Marui is going to release New Gen MP5AG on August 18. The features of the item are as follows.

  • The MP5A5 is equipped with the “M System”, a monitoring and control system with a dedicated MCU.
  • The electronic trigger provides the microcomputer monitors and controls the motor, battery, FET and FC (fire control) in a comprehensive and safe manner.
  • Equipped with an electronic fuse.
  • Newly designed next generation mecha box with selector penetration, 300g weight for intense recoil shock, and support for semi, full, 3 burst, etc.
  • Newly designed next generation mecha box for semi, full, 3 bursts, etc.
  • Equipped with “auto stop mechanism” for easy operation just like the real thing
  • Main frame made from a variety of metals
  • Reinforced nylon is used for the handguard, grip, butt plate and other plastic parts, which is similar to the material used in real guns.
  • Reinforced cocking handle for the HK Slap
  • Powder coating for a texture close to that of a real gun, weighing approximately 3.1kg, equivalent to a real gun
  • The spare magazine with 72 rounds are released which is realistically reproduced as it was in 1990 by steel stamping and all welding.
  • Tokyo Marui LePo batteries (scheduled to be released around December 2021) can be used.

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