Tokyo Marui Releases AKM

Tokyo Marui is going to release AKM GBB on July 15. Spare magazines are also available on the same day. The features of this item are as follows.

  • Operability and intense recoil shock equivalent to the real one
  • Newly developed AK engine with large 19mm piston equipped for extreme recoil
  • The realistic actuation of an AK without a bolt stop function
  • Safety lock function equipped to prevent scratches and accidents during the safety mode
  • AK-specific auto stop function equipped to detect out of bullets and stop the gas supply
  • Hammer down function equipped to cut off the gas supply after the last bullet is fired
  • “Auto Stop Cancel function” equipped to enjoy the blowback actuation without loading BBs into the magazine
  • Realistic exterior based on measurements from a real gun
  • Scanned real wood stock with special printing to replicate the grain of the wood.
  • Long gas pistons and other parts replicated with great attention to detail.
  • Die-cast aluminum magazine with 35 rounds of ammunition
  • The retail price is JPY 59,800

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